Anna Calvi – Hunted (2020) 10

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Swimming Pool (feat. Julia Holter) 05:01
2. Hunter 04:24
3. Eden (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) 04:17
4. Away 04:27
5. Don’t Beat The Girl out of My Boy (feat. Courtney Barnett) 03:31
6. Wish (feat. IDLES) 04:08
7. Indies or Paradise 04:13

Anna Calvi is joined by collaborators for these reworked and stripped down versions of songs from 2018’s Hunter album. It’s called Hunted. It could have been called Haunted. These songs, apparitions of their former selves, have a haunting presence to them. Wispy, translucent and free from form. Flowing between mellow, mesmerizing, and menacing states of being.

Favourite tracks: ‘Wish’ & ‘Indies or Paradise’

Support and sample here.


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