The Great Sabatini – Dial Tone [Redux] (2020) 8.6

Genre: Sludge Metal
Rating: 8.6

Track List:
1. Black Box Demo 04:12
2. Birth Of The Cruel Demo 03:57
3. Fingernails 01:41
4. Burning Wilderness Demo 05:09
5. Machine Dream (unabridged) 03:43
6. Long Division Demo 06:29
7. Auto-Erography Demo 01:35
8. Re-Entry Formula 05:58
9. Fire And Flood Demo 04:19
10. Null And Void Demo 04:03
11. TRAP Sequence Demo 04:30
12. Zakios Demo 03:20
13. Wagons Demo 04:38
14. Shroud Of Urine (Victory Poem) 05:28

A few of our contrarian asshole friends have told me that they preferred these versions to the proper “studio” takes. Fine, have at it, jerks. These early versions DO kick ass.” – The Great Sabatini

There you have it. Kick ass demos for OG fans. These are great and so are the original studio versions, so make sure to check those out too. You can find most of them on The Great Sabatini’s first full length, 2009’s Sad Parade of Yesterdays, a few on 2012’s Matterhorn and one song on 2011’s Napoleon Sodomite EP.

Favourite tracks: ‘Machine Dream (unabridged)’, ‘Long Division Demo’ ‘TRAP Sequence Demo’ & ‘Wagons Demo’

Support and sample here.


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