Led Zeppelin – No Restrictions ’69 (2020) 8.9

Genre: Rock, Live
Rating: 8.9

Track List:
1. Led Zeppelin Introduction By Alan Black (Live) 0:37
2. Communication Breakdown (Live) 3:13
3. I Can’t Quit You (Live) 6:23
4. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Interview (Live) 4:40
5. Dazed And Confused (Live) 11:11
6. White Summer (Live) 8:21
7. You Shook Me (Live) 10:31
8. How Many More Times (Live) 13:33

This bootleg popped up on Youtube and some streaming services in 2020 uploaded by some random music label. It’s a great quality recording of their June 27th, 1969 performance at the BBC Playhouse Theater in London for a TV show called No Restrictions. It appears to have been pulled from the internet recently. Too bad. Has some great jamming and quirky interviews/banter with the host.

Favourite tracks: ‘White Summer’ & ‘How Many More Times’

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