Porridge Radio – Every Bad (2020) 8.1

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. Born Confused 03:01
2. Sweet 03:42
3. Don’t Ask Me Twice 03:21
4. Long 04:50
5. Nephews 04:21
6. Pop Song 05:02
7. Give/Take 03:53
8. Lilac 05:27
9. Circling 03:20
10. (Something) 01:58
11. Homecoming Song 02:41

Porridge Radio knows that there is power in repetition. The songs on ‘Every Bad’ embrace the quiet-loud-quiet formula that skyrocketed grunge into popularity in the 90’s. It is both unsettling and invigorating the speed that Porridge Radio can go from a soft spoken lullaby to a full-on freakout but usually they take their time to slowly build to unimaginable crescendos bursting with nervous energy. This is often combined with a lyrical repetition that has the the effect of a Buddhist chant devolving into an existential crisis or an angsty incantation.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Born Confused’, ‘Sweet’ & ‘Lilac’

Support and sample here.


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