La Ren – Morning & Melancholia (2020) 8.1

Genre: Folk Country
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. Love Can’t Be The Only Reason To Stay 02:42
2. How To Begin To Say Goodbye 02:35
3. If I Had Wings 04:33
4. The Day I Lose My Mind 02:55

Riffing on Freud’s essay, Mourning and Melancholia, La Ren releases her debut EP, Morning & Melancholia. Four softly picked country songs are brought to life by a slide guitar that perfectly matches La Ren’s grief stricken mood. The best country songs have always been filled with sorrow, grief and loss and La Ren’s EP fits in with ilk.

Favourite Track: ‘The Day I Lose My Mind’

Support and sample here.


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