Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today (2020) 8.5

Genre: Post-Punk
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. Day Without End 03:16
2. Processed By The Boys 05:05
3. I Am You Now 03:12
4. The Aphorist 03:43
5. June 21 04:36
6. Michigan Hammers 04:00
7. Tranquilizer 03:09
8. Modern Business Hymns 04:14
9. Bridge & Crown 04:22
10. Worm In Heaven 04:30

Ultimate Success Today is like classic 60’s lounge music that’s been thrown into a meat grinder and balled up into a frenzy of guitar wales, disorienting saxophone flourishes and nihilistic crooning. What emerges is a subversive version of lounge music that one could stumble around to during an end times cocktail party. Move over Tony Bennett, this is Protomartyr.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Modern Business Hymn’, ‘The Aphorist’ & ‘Worm In Heaven’

Support and sample here.


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