Bongripper – Satan Worshipping Doom (2020 Remaster) (2020) 10

Genre: Remaster, Doom Metal, Instrumental
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Hail 13:46
2. Satan 11:35
3. Worship 15:59
4. Doom 11:51

Bongrippers’ classic 2010 release, Satan Worshipping Doom, gets a remaster for it’s 10 year anniversary.

Hail, Satan, Worship, Doom, are the four tremendously heavy instrumental songs on this album. These songs creep along slowly unfurling a sonic landscape that comprises drone, sludge, doom and other heavy music influences. It’s four songs, but it is one singular piece of musical worship. Dark hymns for the Dark Lord. Hail Satan!

Favourite Track: ‘Satan’

Support and sample here.


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