Osees – Metamorphosed (2020) 9

Genre: Garage/Psychedelia
Rating: 9

Track List:
1. Saignant 01:29
2. Electric War 01:56
3. Weird and Wasted Connection 01:55
4. The Virologist 14:11
5. I Got A Lot 23:10

The Osees are prolific. They release a lot of albums. Three in 2020 and as of writing they have already released one in 2021. It’s currently January 21st. They also change there name a lot and have released albums as OCS, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees and currently Osees. I secretly hope that the constant name alterations are designed to fuck with those who obsess over cataloging their digital music collections.

Across five songs, Metamorphosed consistently evolves. You start the album with chaotic garage punk mayhem and forty-two minutes and 42 seconds later (42:42 < does this mean something?), you are finishing up a 20 minute prog-rock, psych jam that itself evolves around a shifting chant/mantra ‘I got a lot on my mind’, ‘You’ve got a lot on your mind’, ‘You’re going out of your mind’ into some sort of gibberish primal chant into the ever strangeness of this extended jam. By the time the listener arrives at the door step of ‘I Got A Lot‘, it does not seem out of place. It’s been a journey to get here and while it is the last song it starts at about halfway through the album. Following the mayhem of the albums opener ‘Saignant‘, the listener is met with a slightly less intense guitar based garage rock, followed by psychedelic garage rock, followed by an extended psychedelic instrumental ‘The Virologist‘ that opens up into the albums final opus. Metamorphosed, indeed.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Electric War’ & ‘I Got A Lot’

Support and sample here.


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