Nothing – The Great Dismal (2020) 9.5

Genre: Shoegaze
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. A Fabricated Life 05:46
2. Say Less 04:15
3. April Ha Ha 04:20
4. Catch a Fade 03:50
5. Famine Asylum 04:10
6. Bernie Sanders 04:07
7. In Blueberry Memories 05:18
8. Blue Mecca 05:17
9. Just a Story 04:16
10. Ask The Rust 04:48

A bleak shoegaze masterpiece with a touch of existential industrial rock. There are a lot of albums that capture the “sound of 2020” this year. The Great Dismal is leading that pack. If you need something to lift your spirits right now, this might not be the album you need. But, if you are looking for a great sounding piece of music that will validate your experience, this one may resonate with you. Nothing is with you in your isolated experience, they get it.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Say Less’, ‘Catch a Fade’ & ‘Famine Asylum’

Support and sample here.


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