The Pack a.d. – it was fun while it lasted (2020) 9.1

Genre: Rock
Rating: 9.1

Track List:
1. Give Up 03:50
2. Reprogram 04:22
3. It’s Okay 03:50
4. Gas Station Food 01:20
5. Kids 02:43
6. Wings 03:28
7. Soul Warden 03:43
8. Change Kills 03:46
9. No Good 03:05
10. Shake 02:26
11. Check Engine Light 01:18
12. The Gap 04:02

Alongside the announcement of this album came another announcement, it was fun while it lasted would be The Pack a.d.’s last album. Bittersweet news for old and new fans alike. This album is sure to make a few new fans. Wavering between bluesy garage rock and groove heavy alternative with enough of an edge to satisfy the rebellious spirit of rock n roll.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Give Up’, ‘Gas Station Food’ & ‘Kids’

Support and sample here.


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